Teeth In A Day | All-On 4 | Hybridge

Functional and Beautiful Full-Arch New Teeth in One Day! Are you tired of wearing dentures? Are your teeth so broken down that they need to be replaced? Dr. DeForte can give you a full-arch set of functional and aesthetic new teeth firmly fixed onto implants and provide close to full chewing power.

In the All-on-4 procedure, four or more specially designed implants are placed strategically on your dental arch where the available bone can provide strong support. The implants in the back of the mouth are placed at an angle to access the dense bone in the front of the jaw.

This eliminates the need for bone grafting for most patients—even for those with severe bone loss who were not eligible for implants in the past. This system works for nearly every patient and has made permanently fixed-in new teeth more obtainable, affordable, and efficient.

After initial diagnosis and preparation, the entire procedure is performed in a single day. Your implant surgeon will take care of any needed extractions and place all of your implants. Our doctor will then fit you with a functional set of temporary replacement teeth to wear while your implants heal. Once healing is completed, your final new teeth will be fixed in

  • You can easily eat all the foods you need – Your new teeth will have 95 percent of the chewing power of natural teeth. Thus you can easily eat the foods you need for proper nutrition without having to use a blender or cut your food into tiny pieces.
  • You won’t experience painful chewing or sores – Since your new teeth are anchored onto implants, they will not move around or slip. Chewing will be comfortable, and you will not have to endure the painful sores on the gums that come from irritation caused by loose dentures.
  • Your upper teeth will have no false palate – Your upper arch of teeth will not have the false palate that blocks your sense of taste and your perception of heat and cold. This brings full pleasure back to eating and drinking.
  • Your jawbone will be preserved – Your jawbone needs the pressure created by chewing to maintain its volume and density. When teeth are missing, the jaw gradually loses bone, and the pressure placed on the jaw by dentures only accelerates the bone loss. Implant-supported fixed-in teeth provide the type of pressure needed to preserve the bone level of your jaw.