Courageous Kids Club

Hey Kids! One of the very best clubs to be in is the “Courageous Kids Club” at DeForte Dentistry in Lincroft.

  • No Cavities means no drilling and filling!
  • No Cavities means no toothaches!
  • No Cavities means a better-looking smile!
  • No Cavities means less dental bills for Mom & Dad!
  • No Cavities means you get an award and membership in the “Courageous Kids Club”
  • No Cavities means you are eligible for Prizes in a monthly drawing!

Every time you go to the dentist and the report is “no cavities” or even “no new cavities” you’re in! You get membership in the Courageous Kids Club and a Cool Certificate and a Prize.

Every month we will publish on this page all new and continuing members. Want to see who is in the club? Here are the current members for June 2012.

  • Brush your teeth after meals.
  • Follow the rules for good Oral Hygiene.
  • Ask your dentist if dental sealants are right for you.
  • Ask your dentist if Fluoride treatments are right for you.