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Gift Certificates Available for Bleaching Trays and In-Office Boost Whitening!

Welcome Kids

Our office welcomes children of any age. The correct time to bring your child for the 1st dental visit is recommended at age 3, which is when your child should have their primary dentition in place. However, if you have any concerns, bringing your child in to evaluate and ask questions is appropriate. It is not necessary for your child to see a Pediatric dentist unless their dental needs warrant them seeing a Specialist at which then they would be referred.


We have had much success with Dr. DeForte's Tell Show Do method as this reduces the fear in children. She explains the procedure, shows the instrumentation and then she performs the procedure in a short amount of time. We like to keep children in the chair for a short amount of time to increase focus and cooperation. When the child succeeds the positive reinforcement that Dr. DeForte gives them promotes them to want to come back again to receive their praise and prize!

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